It is rather sad my late husband did not complete his wartime history - so much not recorded especially the more important ops.

I do thank you for the history you have saved. His recorded voice means so much to me. Thank you again.


Yesterday Tuesday 24th July 2018, I posted another reel to be transferred to CD, please.
Thank you so much for previous workmanship. Much appreciated.


I am so grateful to Media SOS for transferring reel to CD. And having the pleasure of listening to my late husband's voice. Almost feel like having him in the room with me. Great work. deserve 5-star ratings for excellent transfer of reel to CDs. Can't praise them enough. Fantastic!


Many thanks... I received the package on Wednesday 16th May 2018. Thank you for the excellent transfer of reel to CD. Sound is fabulous.

I will need yours services again soon.


Excellent service. MediaSOS transferred audio from a fifty year old 1/4" tape to CD with superb quality. I am surprised that the original recording was good enough to provide such clear sound. Much better than messing about trying to find an old tape machine that still works (most of them don't) and struggling to find the right play speed, track allocation and so on. Economical too.