The service I received from everyone I spoke to at mediaSOS was first rate. Knowledgeable and helpful when I first contacted them to ask advice, they answered all the questions and concerns I had over converting old, fragile family reel to reel tapes. There was no hard push for my business, just genuine help. When I decided to send my reels off, they were again excellent, acknowledging receipt promptly so that I did not worry that my package had gone astray and then keeping me informed of any issues that arose - such as a couple of my tapes requiring some extra work to repair damage. They explained the situation clearly and asked for my agreement to proceed before incurring any additional cost. The tapes and CDs were then sent back to me on the day promised and arrived on the agreed date. The quality was excellent. Far above what I had expected. Overall, I am 100% happy to recommend mediaSOS to anyone. They are a quality, friendly and expert company.
Thank you all for all your help.


I brought a complicated project to them and they carried it out perfectly. They are friendly, helpful and efficient. I thoroughly recommend MediaSOS.


Today I received a CD which your company had made from an old Reel to Reel tape. As I suspected there were parts of this tape which contained recordings made in 1962 at a 21st Birthday Party. Since many of the singers on this recording have since passed away, I was delighted to hear them singing again.
I will be eternally grateful to you for reviving all of these old memories. I cannot thank you enough for your service. If I have any further requirements or if I hear of anyone of my friends who need to use your services, I will have no hesitation in returning to you.
Thank you again,
Yours sincerely


I recieved the CD/reed today! Thank you... the CD was in good quality, so i'm very pleased. I have three more reels which I wanted converting to CD and wanted to send tomorrow.


Thank you for the work you did for me recently transferring tracks from ΒΌ inch Reel tape to CD, one CD for playing and one CD with the four tracks of each song separated for editing. I was very happy with the results.