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We transfer audio cassette to CD for all UK and overseas customers using professional equipment.

Our Location: Mill Hill, Edgware, London

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Tapes with less than one hour will be considered as ONE hour. For more please visit our Terms & Condition page.

As we all know audio cassettes lose their quality every year and by transferring them onto CD (digital) you will stop further damage to your precious audio/music archive and use up to 50% less space.

If you have old tapes in your archive and would like to be able to lend, sell or listen to them again using CD-Players or computers then look no further.

Quality Enhancement:
 Basic noise, hiss removal and normalising. (tick the box above if you require this service)

Individual Tracking: We can transfer your tape/s, track by track. (Tracks are defined by 2 to 3 seconds silent/gap)

We can also print the track list on your CDs for a small fee on your request.

Tapes under and above 60 minutes will be considered as follows:

  • Under 60min: 1 hour
  • Above 60min: 2 hours
  • Two 90mins: 3 hours

 Visitors in person cannot choose this option! We highly recommend our “Post and Pay Later” service for a better experience for you. however; if you prefer, you can order now. 
If you place your order incorrectly we may process and finish your order and then you will be invoiced accordingly.


Dear All,

Just to say thank you so much for the fantastic work you've done transferring my VHS, cassettes, and mini cassette.

I am so happy to see and hear treasured memories from 20 years ago!

I will be back soon with another video for transfer, and have recommended you to all my friends.

Best wishes


Thank you for taking a 50 year old broken tape of our wedding and transferring it to a C D. Sent to you on a Monday and returned promptly by the Friday in time for our celebrations. Excellent service!


I have got the CDs - absolutely fantastic- thank you.


Thank you for your quick and effective service.


Hey - you did - you won't believe how great this is for me - this was a really old tape, (I'm looking for the other one) and hearing Robert and Ruby's voice so clearly is amazing - it's like having them back in the room.

Thank you
Great Job!

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Audio Cassette to CD (standard tape)

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