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We transfer Polaroid Polavision to DVD and MP4* (instant cine film with no sound) for all UK
 & overseas customers using professional equipment.

Our Location: Mill Hill, Edgware, London

 Click Here *For mp4 format, please ask.


Tapes with less than one hour will be considered as ONE hour. For more please visit our Terms & Condition page.
Note: most polavision films have been processed poorly and their quality is poor.

As we all know Polaroid Polavision (Phototape Cassette 608) lose their quality every year and by transferring them to DVD (digital) you will stop further damage to your precious video archive and use up to 75% less space.

If you have old developed Polaroid Polavision in your archive and would like to be able to lend, sell or watch them again then look no further. We do not develop/process films, we only transfer them.

ORDERING ONLINE?  We highly recommend our “Post and Pay Later” service for a better experience for you. however; if you prefer, you can order now. 
If you place your order incorrectly we may process and finish your order and then you will be invoiced accordingly.


Just before Christmas, we sent to Mediasos 11 very old tapes known as Polavision to have put onto DVD knowing that the deterioration of 37 years may make them almost impossible to view.

With fingers crossed we sent them off hoping to get them back before Xmas to show our family on our gathering on Boxing Day. Thanks to the staff at "Media SOS" that’s exactly what we were able to do.

We found the staff not only friendly but also helpful - and yes there was a amount of deterioration but it was very watchable - the family loved it for their ability to get this done as they said they would and get it out on time and we would recommend this company so we have rated it 5 Stars especially as they were Polavision that went out of production many many years ago.

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Polaroid Polavision to DVD (no sound)

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