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Sian Johnson 26/02/2024 12:27:56Answers: 1
Hi I’ve found some family videos on a hard drive we’ve transferred them to a usb stick, I’m now wanting them put onto a dvd (4 copies) is this possible thanks and how much please?

Media SOS 26/02/2024 13:26:21


Certainly, we can assist with transferring your videos from USB to DVDs. You have the option to either order it online or post your USB drive to us and pay later, or you can visit our location to place your order in person. We'll take care of the rest from there.

You can also view the cost from the following links:

USB to DVD: Click Here

Looking forward to helping you preserve your memories!

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Media SOS offers professional digital media transfer services in the UK and internationally. We can securely transfer your digital files (MP4, MOV, MPEG, MPG and AVI), USB sticks, and memory cards (SD, CF, etc.) to CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, USB memory stick, flash drives, memory cards and digital download using state-of-the-art equipment.

Our Location: Mill Hill, Edgware, London

Before entrusting your cherished memories to us, we kindly urge you to conduct a meticulous examination of your memory cards or USB sticks. Safeguard your precious files by diligently scanning for any potential viruses or malware using your trusted antivirus software. This vital step ensures the security and integrity of your valuable data before submission.

Guidelines for Video Submission:
After placing your order, please follow the How to Post link above (in the red bar) to post them to us correctly and hassle-free.

Should your recordings feature vertical or a mix of orientations, particularly captured via smartphone, it's imperative to note that such videos might display sideways on your horizontal TV or computer screens. In the realm of digital media, alignment is paramount. To rectify this orientation discrepancy, our optional adept video editing service offers a bespoke solution. Each video, meticulously inspected and manually realigned, guarantees flawless playback on your horizontal devices.

For E-Transfer: For instructions on sending your files to us online, please click the Send Files link above (in the red bar).
For WebLink: Please share your links in the comment section during the checkout.

Make Your Memories Available to the Older Generation with Our Easy and Reliable Conversion Service!
Ensure your treasured digital audio or video memories remain accessible to your parents and older family members, allowing them to relish these heartfelt moments. With our expert disc conversion service, we transform these digital memories into a format that resonates with the emotional significance of your family's bond. Embrace the opportunity to share these cherished moments on disc, enabling your elderly loved ones to experience the joy and warmth of your new videos using their familiar disc players.

Our professional service ensures your video archives are protected. Whether you want to lend, sell, or relive your digital video collection, we've got you covered!

Convenient Ordering: Order online or use our "Mail-in & Pay Upon Completion" service.

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Digital to Digital (Disc, USB Stick, Memory Card, Link, File)

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