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  • 10x-Scan Photo, Slide and Film to Digital Services

James Potter 18/01/2024 20:54:59Answers: 1
Would it be possible to have the slides scanned onto a USB memory stick instead rather than burned onto a CD?

Media SOS 19/01/2024 11:46:13

Absolutely, it's feasible. Currently, the cost remains unchanged. Please note that this pricing may be subject to change in the future.

If you're finding it difficult to place your order online, you can kindly utilise the links in the top red bar on any page for guidance on "How to Post" and complete payment later or for instructions on "How to Visit."

Thank you.

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Media SOS offers professional photo, slide, and 35mm film scanning services in the UK and beyond. We use state-of-the-art equipment to convert your photos, slides, and negatives into digital formats you can easily share and store. Choose from DVDs, USB sticks, or downloadable files.


Our Location: Mill Hill, Edgware, London

Preserve Your Photographic Memories with Our Easy and Reliable Conversion Services!

This service is to scan:

  • Photos of up to 5"x7" size.
  • Slides with 2x2" (5x5cm) mount.
  • Developed 35mm films

Please note, that we do not develop or print film, but we can expertly scan your existing photos, slides, and negatives.

 For larger photos, simply consider them as two or more scans during checkout.

Complimentary benefits include:

  • Professional Cleaning
  • Scanned at high-quality resolution
  • Colour, contrast and brightness correction
  • Basic dust and noise removal
  • Can be printed into a big poster size
  • Photos will be in jpeg format

Kindly be aware that special cleaning services are not included in our complimentary offerings and are only necessary in exceptional situations where the film has developed stickiness.

Minimum Order: 1 signifies a set of 10 units.
Should your order contain fewer exposures, slides, or photos, it will still be considered as 10. For instance, if you have up to 30 photos, simply select 3 sets of 10 photos from the corresponding options on the right side of this page.

Key Benefits:

Cleaning: 75% of films, slides and photos received show signs of severe deterioration. With our cleaning and digital service the produced digital files will be better and last forever.

Prevent Deterioration: 35mm Film, slide and photo quality fade over time. Safeguard your memories with digital conversion, avoiding further damage.

Convenient Ordering: Order online or use our "Mail-in & Pay Upon Completion" service.

You can take them to your local photo shop and print them up to a poster size.

Save your cherished photos, slides and 35mm films from deterioration and damage by transferring them onto a digital DVD, USB stick and downloadable version. Our professional service ensures your photo archives are protected. Whether you want to lend, sell, or relive your photo collection, we've got you covered!

Don't let your precious photo, slides and 35mm film memories fade away. Choose our reliable and user-friendly conversion service today!

(The product photograph featured on this page is intended solely for illustrative purposes.)

(The product photograph featured on this page is intended solely for illustrative purposes.)

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10x-Scan Photo, Slide and Film to Digital Services

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✔FREE Cleaning & Boost ✔Originals Returned ✔Bulk Discount

Available Options see below for available options

Upto 5x7" Photo x10
Upto 5x7" Photo x10
Upto 35mm Slide x10
Upto 35mm Slide x10
35mm Films x10
35mm Films x10

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