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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We trust that you will discover the information you seek on this page. Nevertheless, should you require further assistance, kindly utilise the "Ask a Question" button, and our team or fellow customers will be available to provide responses.

Anonymous 06/05/2024 15:14:23Answers: 1
Do you charge for the shipping of my order once completed?

MediaSOS 06/05/2024 15:20:43
No, there won't be any charges for shipping once your order is completed. We cover the shipping costs as part of our service to you.

Anonymous 29/04/2024 15:09:11Answers: 1
Will I get my originals back?

MediaSOS 30/04/2024 15:11:03
As part of our standard procedure, we'll return your original items. Unless they require shell replacement due to damage, or are affected by stickiness or mould, we ensure their safe return to you.

Anonymous 05/03/2024 15:21:30Answers: 1
Do you charge for repairs?

MediaSOS 06/03/2024 15:22:05

Rest assured, there are no charges for repairing snapped tapes. However, should your tapes suffer from dirt, discolouration, or mould, we offer a specialised service for restoration, with costs outlined on our website. Click Here

Sian Johnson 26/02/2024 12:27:56Answers: 1
Hi I’ve found some family videos on a hard drive we’ve transferred them to a usb stick, I’m now wanting them put onto a dvd (4 copies) is this possible thanks and how much please?

Media SOS 26/02/2024 13:26:21


Certainly, we can assist with transferring your videos from USB to DVDs. You have the option to either order it online or post your USB drive to us and pay later, or you can visit our location to place your order in person. We'll take care of the rest from there.

You can also view the cost from the following links:

USB to DVD: Click Here

Looking forward to helping you preserve your memories!

Anonymous 25/09/2018 14:54:58Answers: 1
Why is my CD displaying incorrect information in my computer's media player?

Media SOS 25/09/2018 14:55:22

If your CD is showing inaccurate information in your computer's media player, you may need to disable the metadata feature in your software's settings. When you insert a CD into your computer, the player of your choice often attempts to retrieve track information from an online media database. However, this feature may not always function correctly and can lead to incorrect information being displayed. We do not recommend disabling this feature on your computer, as it may affect other CDs.

However, if you wish to disable it, we suggest conducting an online search for "disabling metadata" specific to your computer's chosen video player (e.g., Windows Media Player disable metadata).

Anonymous 25/09/2017 14:53:55Answers: 1
Why is the video quality not satisfactory when I play it on my computer?

Media SOS 25/09/2017 14:54:33

Computers vary in terms of their software and display settings, which can affect video quality. To address this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Play the video with VLC player, then right-click on the video screen.
  2. Select "Video."
  3. Choose "Deinterlacing" and enable it.
  4. Set the "Deinterlace Mode" to "Yadif 2 (double)." You can experiment with other deinterlacing filters to determine the best one for your screen.

Additionally, you can pause the video, go to "Tools" or "Preference," and under "Video," ensure that "Deinterlacing" is turned on or set to automatic, and select "Deinterlace Mode" as "Yadif 2x (double)" or your preferred filter, as needed.

  • Deinterlacing to Yadif2

Anonymous 25/09/2013 14:49:59Answers: 1
Will the DVDs/CDs be compatible with all players?

Media SOS 25/09/2013 14:53:19

Rest assured, we take great care in ensuring the seamless transfer of your materials. Once converted to CD/DVD format, they should be compatible with the majority of players, barring exceptionally old equipment or those designed exclusively for master discs. If you encounter any hiccups, simply press the menu button on your remote control and follow the provided instructions.

For most modern computers, playing CD-R/DVD-R discs shouldn't pose a problem. However, if you do face compatibility issues, fear not! We recommend installing VLC Media Player, a versatile solution that typically resolves such issues. Alternatively, you might consider trying a different computer or seeking assistance from a qualified technician to resolve any underlying computer-related matters.

Here's a handy video tutorial demonstrating how to play your CD/DVD materials:

Anonymous 25/09/2010 14:46:04Answers: 1
I have several old tapes and films that I'd like to digitise. What options do you offer for preserving them, and how do you handle any blank tapes or films?

Media SOS 25/09/2010 14:48:11

We offer to digitise each tape onto a separate CD, DVD, Blu-ray, or USB stick, or provide a downloadable link according to your preference. 

To ensure optimal quality, we allocate up to 80 minutes per CD and up to 2 hours per DVD. Rest assured, there's no charge for blank tapes, films, or discs. If any turn out to be blank throughout, we promptly issue a refund.

We understand the value of your tapes and films, which is why we include one tape repair for each tape and three for cine films, covering almost all scenarios. Your precious memories are in good hands with us.

For further details, please refer to our Terms & Conditions page.

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