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  • 8mm & Super 8 to DVD HQ (with sound cine film)

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We transfer Super 8 film to DVD HQ, HD-DVD, Blu-ray and HD MP4* (digital), cine film for all UK and overseas customers using professional equipment.

Our Location: 
Mill Hill, Edgware, London

 Click Here *For HD MP4 format, please ask.

How to tell how many feet are in a spool/reel:
 on the surface of a reel there are markings as follows 50 100 200 300 400ft which represents how many feet has been rolled onto it, however, if there are no markings and the reel is a small one then there should be only 50 feet film rolled onto it.

Reels with less than 50 feet will be counted as 50ft for setup charge.

An 8mm/super 8 film is made of a reel/spool with 8mm positive film rolled onto it. Initially, they were made without sound and as technology improved, the sound feature was added in them so that if you had the right camcorder you could record video and sound on them, they usually were supplied in 50 feet reels which could take up to 4 minutes of recordings and then some users use to buy bigger spools/reels and roll up to eight "50ft reels" in one of it.

As we all know cine films lose their quality every year and by transferring them onto DVD (digital) you will stop further damage to your precious video archive and use up to 75% less space.

If you have old developed 8mm/super 8 cine films in your archive and would like to be able to lend, sell or watch them again then look no further. We do not develop/process films, we only transfer them.

For your reference, unwind a bit of your film and look at the images before sending them to us.

Quality Enhancement (video restoration):
we can enhance the quality to its best. e.g.: colour, contrast & brightness correction, noise removal.

DVD Copy/Duplication:
Click Here

Print Photo on Disc: Click Here

Convert to other formats: Click Here

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8mm & Super 8 to DVD HQ (with sound cine film)

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