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We always prioritise using the latest cybersecurity technology to protect our online and offline presence and clients.

Your Satisfaction is our priority! ✔

You can trust that we consistently strive to ensure your happiness and satisfaction. Our track record speaks for itself through the glowing reviews from our valued customers.

As part of our standard procedure, we'll return your original items. Unless they require shell replacement due to damage, or are affected by stickiness or mould, we ensure their safe return to you.

Our standard pricing is based on a per-tape, disc, or film basis. Notably, blank tapes, discs, or films are exempt from any charges.

If you've made an error in your order, just reach out, and we'll take care of the rest.

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Website's PayPal Payments
When placing your order, ensure that your PayPal checkout page reflects the correct delivery address. We dispatch orders exclusively to the address provided during PayPal payment. This helps streamline the delivery process and ensures your package reaches you promptly.

Digitisation method

  • Your digital files remain securely stored in our system for approximately two weeks before being automatically deleted. This practice ensures that you have ample time to review the material and request any additional copies or edits as needed.
  • By default we have to perform complete transfers of tapes from start to finish; so if you require a partial transfer, the process involves ordering the full transfer twice to cover a full and a partial conversion. Subsequently, you can contact us to specify the digital timing for the partial conversion.
  • All tapes undergo professional treatment, including basic baking, to enhance analogue signals and overall audio and video quality. Additionally, we utilise special equipment to automatically rectify poor signals wherever feasible, resulting in improved quality output.
  • During the transfer process, there is a rare possibility that old tapes or films may experience snapping or require standard repairs. In such cases, we promptly address the issue on-site, providing a complimentary repair to avoid any delays. Further details on this service can be found in our Tape/Film Repair section.
  • To maintain optimal quality, we digitise up to 80 minutes onto a CD and up to 2 hours onto a DVD. Consequently, you may receive your digitised content across multiple discs printed as disc1, disc2, and so forth, ensuring the preservation of quality throughout the process.

Unwanted audio and video scenes
Rest assured, your privacy remains our paramount concern. We don't monitor your media unless issues arise with the tape or blank spaces emerge. Our systems are tailored to seamlessly transfer content without any alterations. Your tapes undergo automatic rewinding and transfer in their entirety, with exclusion of prolonged blank sections at the beginning or end.

Accepted Film Status
Your films (Cine, Super 8, Polaroid Polavision, 35mm or any other film formats) must be developed/processed before placing your order as we DO NOT develop/process films. We only transfer them.

Tape/Film Repair & Mould Treatments (Cleaning, Lubrication, Restoration, etc.)
At Media SOS, we understand the inherent deterioration of audio and video tapes over time. Our tape treatment procedures are meticulous, as improper handling may lead to breakage or playback issues. If your tape exhibits any issues other than a snap such as discolouration of the tape, existance of dirts inside it's shell or mould, we recommend visiting this page to place the correct order.

  • One free tape mending repair is included per tape and this should suffice for almost all orders.
  • Three free polaroid and cine film mending repairs are included for each unit.
  • If repairs exceed this threshold, we will contact you for confirmation before proceeding.

Please note that we exclusively repair tapes in conjunction with our transfer services; standalone repairs are not offered. Different repair needs, such as cleaning or lubrication, will prompt us to contact you before continuing.

To safeguard our system, kindly inform us of any tape issues in advance. If you choose not to proceed with any additional repairs, you will not incur any charges.

Due to the age and delicacy of your old media, as well as their fragile nature, we cannot guarantee the playback functionality of your originals once transferred or recovered. Therefore, we highly recommend utilising the digital versions provided, such as CD, DVD, Blu-ray, USB stick or downloaded digital files.

Your cooperation ensures the optimal preservation and enjoyment of your valuable media.


Payment Methods
We accept the following payment types:

  • Cash: in person
  • Phone pay: ApplePay etc. (in person)
  • Bank transfer (from your online banking account): in person and post & pay later service
  • Secured link pay: for post & pay later service
  • Online payments: PayPal, debit and credit cards via our website



You have the full consumer rights within 14 days of receiving your goods to report any damaged or corrupted materials for a free replacement. Please be aware that return postage and packaging costs may apply.

We're committed to ensuring your satisfaction and will do our utmost to assist you throughout the order process.

You may cancel your order taking the following terms and conditions into account:

  • For orders not yet processed, only P&P charges, if applicable, will be incurred upon cancellation.
  • If your order is already in process, discounts will be removed, and you'll be charged for any work completed as well as applicable P&P fees.
  • Once your order is complete, it cannot be cancelled. You'll be required to cover the full cost, along with any applicable P&P charges.

Lost or stolen items
We endeavour to safeguard your order using our round-the-clock ONLINE CLOUD SECURITY CAMERA system. Additionally, your digitised products remain securely stored in our system as a backup for approximately one month post-delivery before automatic deletion.

While sentimental items aren't typically covered by insurance in the UK and beyond, we spare no effort in protecting your order. We invite you to explore our customer reviews, which attest to our commitment to service excellence.

Late Payments and Disposal Policy:
(Applies only to orders completed through "In Person" or "Mail-in & Pay Later" methods)

Prompt payment and collection within 14 days of the notified completion date is required, unless otherwise specified. It's important to note that beyond this timeframe, we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or theft of items left in our care.

Rest assured, we strive to maintain the utmost care for your orders and materials. However, to ensure efficient service for all our customers, we may need to address certain conditions regarding overdue or uncollected items.

We understand that circumstances may arise, leading to delayed collection or payment. While we make every effort to accommodate your needs, it's important to note that discounts may be revoked from items left uncollected or unpaid after two months. Moreover, orders remaining in our possession for over three months without prior communication may be disposed of without notice.

Your satisfaction is paramount to us, and we want to offer flexibility where possible. Should you require extended storage beyond the initial three months, we're happy to accommodate. However, please note that a nominal weekly storage fee may apply, ensuring the safekeeping of your items.

In line with our commitment to customer service, we offer a complimentary one-month storage period, with the option to extend to three months upon timely communication from your end. However, it's important to keep in mind that after this grace period, payments become non-refundable, and further orders may not be processed until outstanding balances are settled.

Preferred Photo Formats
We ensure optimal quality by scanning all your photos in the JPEG/JPG format, ensuring optimal results when transferring to DVD or USB memory stick. If you require a different format or need assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Logo and Trademark
Our products, such as DVDs, CDs, and covers, etc., come with our default logo and designs. However, if you’d like your order without our logo, just inform us. Please be aware that opting out of our logo might affect any discounts you’ve received. We’re here to cater to your preferences, so feel free to make special requests.

Legal Notice
Covered copyright text will be digitised, but you are liable for any infringement as we don't review the material during the process. We'd be delighted to convert your old analogue tapes to DVD or USB for safekeeping! However, please note that we don't transfer material with visible copyright prohibitions unless you have the copyright licence or the copyright holder is no longer operating (e.g., Kids Club or Wizard Productions Ltd.).

Simple and Transparent
These terms are easily accessible on our website and may be updated occasionally. Just check our latest terms before placing your order to ensure everything is clear.