How to Post

We charge by hours (unless mentioned otherwise)
Tape with less than one-hour material will be considered as ONE hour, read the "How do we calculate the hours" section for more info.

Most orders normally take 5-10 working days, however, in some cases it may take longer depending on the quantity of your order and how busy we are. For priority order please give us a call. Click Here

Legal Notice

We do not digitise or copy any tapes with a written copy protection warning unless you hold/have the license, the company that holds the copyright is closed down or is from Kids Club or Wizard Productions Ltd.


Post/Pay Later

  1. Post us your tapes (follow the How to Post guideline below) [pre-paid post NOT accepted]
  2. We will transfer them and inform you of the total
  3. Pay and receive your order

How to Post:

  1. Title/organise each tape, disc or item ( if preferred)
    Optional: brief disc title printing: 99p each (if legible), organising by date: 99p each (if possible)
  2. Print  (or LEGIBLY hand write) a BRIEF cover letter of your 1-enquiry, 2-name, 3-number, 4-address and 5-email address. Optional Services must be mentioned if required. e.g.: Title/Photo Printing, Quality Enhancement, Individual Tracking, Digital File (mp4), etc.
  3. Pack secure (write your return address on the packaging legibly), post with a Signed delivery service (e.g.: Special/SignedFor) to the following address and keep the receipt. Address: Click Here  [pre-paid envelope NOT accepted]

Note: As we charge by hours we cannot provide a quote. If your tapes are not organised, we will write numbers on them and print the numbers on your discs accordingly unless you order the title printing. If you need help with pricing, please: 1- Read the service page description. 2- If you still need help please contact us before placing your order. There would be an administration fee if any of the information above is missing on your cover letter. Orders paid by PayPal will be posted only to the provided delivery address on your PayPal invoice. Please Click Here and read the Terms & Conditions.

Transfer Method: 
Click Here

Our Post and Packaging Method:

  • Well and secured packaging.
  • Will be dispatched (with the original items) soon after receiving your payment.
  • Signed Delivery.