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High Quality, Scratch Resistant Disc
Professional Equipment with Signal Boosters
Quick Trunaround

Transfer Audio

Tape to CD (standard audio tape)
Cassette to CD (standard audio tape)
Tape to WAV Disc (audio cassette)
Vinyl to WAV Disc (vinyl records)
Vinyl to MP3-disc (vinyl records)
LP to CD (vinyl records transfer)
LP to WAV Disc (vinyl records)
LP to MP3-disc (vinyl records)
DAT to CD Conversion (digital)
DAT to WAV Disc Conversion
DAT to MP3 Disc Conversion
MiniDisc to CD

MiniDisc to CD

£8.99 £9.99

MiniDisc to WAV Disc Conversion
MiniDisc to MP3

MiniDisc to MP3

£9.99 £11.99

Micro-cassette Tape to CD
Microcassette Tape to WAV Disc
Microcassette Tape to MP3-disc
Mini-cassette Tape to CD
Mini-cassette Tape to WAV Disc
Mini-cassette Tape to MP3-disc
Enhancement (audio)

Enhancement (audio)

£5.99 £9.99

CD Copy or Duplication

CD Copy or Duplication

£4.99 £5.99

Tape to Tape Transfer (audio cassette)
Micro-Tape to Audio Tape
Mini-cassette Tape to Audio Tape
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