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How to Visit

Our media studio is situated at Laynes House (The Laynes Group), conveniently positioned on the corner of Watford Way, Daws Lane and Albert Road, nestled between H. Phillips and Unity House. Discover our address, contact numbers, opening hours, and more on our contact us page, complete with a convenient map. We strongly advise familiarising yourself with this information before reaching out to us directly.

Upon arrival, please dial 228 and press the CALL button on the bigger intercom. Once buzzed in, kindly entre and wait in the reception area, and our team will promptly assist you. Your tapes, discs and photos are in good hands with us. We'll swiftly transfer them to CD, DVD or USB memory stick, preserving your precious memories with care and expertise.

When departing from the Mill Hill Broadway roundabout onto Watford Way (south), take a left onto Daws Lane for parking, either on the road or at the "Daws Lane car park. 

Free Parking:
1- Free Street Parking on Daws Lane (B1461), except 11am-12noon Mon-Fri (subject to change)
2- Free Car Park on Daws Lane next to Etz Chaim Primary School. (subject to change)

Plan your journey through the TFL: Click Here, Trainline Click Here


  1. To order in person, just drop off your analogue tapes and payment.
  2. We'll promptly convert them and notify you when it's ready for collection or delivery.
  3. You can swing by our office to pick it up or we'll send it straight to your doorstep if you've chosen that option.

Unless otherwise specified, we do not transfer materials partially.

Most orders are processed within 5 working days, though services like photo scanning, cine films, polaroid polavision cassette films & Umatic-sp/high-band may take about a month. Occasionally, especially with large orders or during busy periods, it might take a bit longer. If you're worried about the timeframe, feel free to reach out, and we'll be happy to assist. Click Here