Frequently Asked Questions

How do you charge by the hour?

We charge by the hours of your video/audio content not the blank parts in the beginning and the end of your tapes. For more information please visit our Terms & Condition page.

Will the DVD/CDs play on all players?

To provide you with a faultless service we double check all transferred orders. Your transferred media to CD/DVD will be playable on all CD-R/DVD-R players unless they are old equipment. With some DVD players, you need to find & press the “menu” on your remote control. Most new computers are able to play CD-R/DVD-R discs, if not download and install VLC Media Player, it should fix the codec & play them all unless your computer needs a proper maintenance.

Doing a full software maintenance on your computer will make your computer faster with fewer faults. Please find a computer repair company that can provide you with this service.

Why the CD/s showing unusual information in my computer media player?

You need to disable metadata in your software's settings. When you insert a CD in your computer, normally a player of your choice tries to play it and then automatically looks into the universal online media database to retrieve some information regarding your track. Unfortunately, this feature is not fully functional and in some cases retrieves incorrect information.

It's best to leave this feature alone, as it can retrieve your most CD information correctly, however, if you still would like to disable it, then search online for (how to disable metadata on "the-name-of-your-player"), change "the-name-of-your-player" to the name of your player. So if you are using Windows Media Player then you should search for how to disable windows media player.