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We transfer Reel to Reel to CD (1/4" magnetic tape) for all UK and overseas customers using professional equipment.

Our Location: Mill Hill, Edgware, London

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Tapes with less than one hour will be considered as ONE hour. For more please visit our Terms & Condition page.

4-TRACK REEL TAPE: we consider a reel tape that has the same material in all four tracks as "4-Track Reel" otherwise it will be considered a "4-track Mono or Stereo Reel". All four tracks of a "4-Track Reel" will be transferred onto one stereo track, please inform us if you have any other request.

This service includes professional baking for better quality!

If you would like to save your favourite music, voice or any other analogue audio from fading away you must transfer 1/4" tape to CD or any reliable digital formats like mp3, WAV, etc.

If you transfer magnetic tape to CD they won’t lose their quality anymore and also you can decide which track to listen instantly using your CD-Player or a computer.

Individual Tracking:
 Transfer of your tape/s, track by track. (Tracks are defined by 2 to 3 seconds silent/gap)

We can also print the tracklist on discs on your request. (charges may apply)

Note: Reels under 60 minutes will be considered as one hour.

recording length of your tape depends on the speed of your recording. For more information please take a look at the table below.

2-Track Reel to Reel Tape Running Times (Mono)
(double the time for 4-Track)
* IPS=Inches per second

Reel Size Tape Length
in Feet
1 7/8 IPS * Domestic Speed
3 3/4 IPS *
7 1/2 IPS * 15 IPS *
- 150 32mins 16mins 08mins 04mins
- 200 42mins 21mins 10mins 05mins
- 225 48mins 24mins 12mins 06mins
- 300 04mins 32mins 16mins 08mins
- 450 1hr 36mins 48mins 24mins 12mins
5" 600 2hr 08mins 1hr 04mins 32mins 16mins
- 900 3hr 12mins 1hr 36mins 48mins 24mins
7" 1200 4hr 16mins 2hr 08mins 1hr 04mins 32mins
7" 1800 6hr 24mins 3hr 12mins 1hr 36mins 48mins
7" or
10 1/2"
2400 8hr 32mins 4hr 16mins 2hr 08mins 1hr 04mins
10 1/2" 3600 12hr 48mins 6hr 24mins 3hr 12mins 1hr 36mins

Good News:
 If your reel tape breaks during the transfer process, there would be no worries as we will repair them for you and continue the transfer. (The first repair is £9.99 then £2.99 for each additional repair on the same reel). Cleaning will be done if needed from £1.99.

ORDERING ONLINE? Visitors in person cannot choose this option! We highly recommend our “Post and Pay Later” service for a better experience for you. however; if you prefer, you can order now. 
If you place your order incorrectly we may process and finish your order and then you will be invoiced accordingly.


How lovely to hear a clear recording of my wedding 60 years ago. Excellent service from MediaSos.,
I should have heeded their advice and ordered before paying, which resulted in my instructions not being clear, but they are kindly rectifying this for me . A helpful considerate service.


What an amazing service!!!! The rescue of a reel to reel from the 60s literally blew my mind, it was dirty, been through a fire, and had not been stored correctly, yet the team were able to clean the recording. My 62 year old Mother burst into tears upon hearing her Nanny’s voice, my children could hear their great-grandmother and my memories of her came flooding back. Thank you for your kind and considerate service.


Just to thank you for the excellent service. My tape and CDs arrived safely a couple of days ago.

Unfortunately, the contents were not quite as I had hoped but they made interesting listening, the first time I had heard the recordings for about 55 years!

Somewhere in my loft, I have another small reel to reel tape which I would like to investigate. When I eventually discover it, I will send it to you for transfer.

Thank you


I've received it today, so that was quick! It was strange to listen to my family talking, from 1963 to 1965... Happy memories! Thanks for such excellent service.


Excellent swift service.

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Reel to Reel to CD (1/4inch magnetic tape)

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