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  • Betamax to DVD (VCR video tape)

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We transfer Betamax to DVD (digital) for all UK and overseas customers using professional equipment.

Our Location:  Mill Hill, Edgware, London


Tapes with less than one hour will be considered as ONE hour. For more please visit our Terms & Condition page.



Recently, almost 10% of the Betamax tapes are showing some signs of quality loss, so stay safe and transfer them to a digital format ASAP before it's too late. Treasure the Past, Save it to Last.

Note: If your Betamax tape/s are showing some signs of dirt, mould or SSS on them, to transfer them, initially, we need to clean them professionally. If your tape/s have any problem, please give us a call before placing any orders.

As we all know Betamax tapes lose their quality every year and by transferring them onto DVD (digital) you will stop further damage to your precious video archive and use up to 75% less space. You could also make extra copies to share them with your loved ones.

If you have old Betamax tapes in your archive and would like to be able to lend, sell or watch them again then look no further.

Betamax Type Minimum Running Time (approximate) Maximum Running Time (approximate)
L-125   30 mins   45 mins
L-165   65 mins   45 mins
L-250   65 mins   90 mins
L-370   95 mins 180 mins
L-500 130 mins 210 mins
L-750 195 mins 270 mins
L-830 215 mins 300 mins

ORDERING ONLINE? Visitors in person cannot choose this option! We highly recommend our “Post and Pay Later” service for a better experience for you. however; if you prefer, you can order now. 
If you place your order incorrectly we may process and finish your order and then you will be invoiced accordingly.

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Betamax to DVD (VCR video tape)

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