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  • Cine Film 9.5mm onto a 4K USB (with sound)

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We transfer 9.5mm cine film to HD-DVD, Blu-ray and 4K MP4 on a USB stick for all UK and overseas customers using professional equipment.

Our Location: 
Mill Hill, Edgware, London

 Click Here *For HD-DVD and Blu-ray disc formats, please ask.

Reels with less than 100ft will be considered 100ft.

You will get, FREE:

  • Repairs (up to 3 repairs per reel)
  • Basic Cleaning
  • Quality Enhancement
  • A USB Flash Drive (the product photo on this page is for demonstration purpose only)

Special cleaning is not included. It's only necessary if your film has gone sticky, which is very rare.

If you incorrectly place your order, we will process and complete the work, but you will be invoiced accordingly. This may result in additional fees, so we highly recommend you to contact us before you place your order. We are always happy to help.

How to tell how many feet are in a spool/reel:
 On the surface of a reel, you'll find the following markings: 50 100 200 300 400ft which represent how many feet have been rolled onto the reel. If there are no markings and the reel is a small one then there should only be 50 feet of film rolled onto it.

Reels under 100 ft will be charged as 100ft of material.

The quality of cine films deteriorates with time. The best way to prevent this deterioration and possible damage is to transfer them onto a 4K USB stick, Blu-ray or HD-DVD or other digital formats. This will protect against further damage and ensure that your precious video archives are not lost, whilst saving up to 75% of storage space.

We do not develop/process films, we only transfer them.

Note:  For your reference, unwind your film a little and look at the images before sending them to us.

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Cine Film 9.5mm onto a 4K USB (with sound)

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