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  • Cine Film to Digital Conversion

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Media SOS offers professional 8mm and Super 8 Cine Film to digital DVD, 4k MP4 on a USB stick and downloadable 4k MP4 conversion services for both domestic and international clients, utilising state-of-the-art equipment.


Our Location: Mill Hill, Edgware, London

Complimentary benefits include:

  • Basic cleaning
  • Quality enhancement (Boost)
  • Three FREE snap repairs on each spool

An 8mm or super 8 cine film comprises continuous positive film wound onto a reel/spool. These reels vary in duration, ranging from approximately 4 minutes to 30 minutes of recording time.

Please take note: To analyse the film's content in detail, you can carefully unwind it and use your phone's magnifier app to examine the images. Simply hold the film a few inches from a plain white sheet of paper for optimal viewing. This way, you can get a clear and magnified look at the film's content.

Key Benefits:

Prevent Deterioration: Digitize your Cine Film to prevent quality loss.

Convenient Ordering: Order online or use our "Mail-in & Pay Upon Completion" service.

Secure Your Memories: Our conversion safeguards your irreplaceable Cine Films.

Preserve Your Cine Film Memories to Digital with Our Easy and Reliable Conversion Services!

Save your cherished Cine Films from deterioration and damage by transferring them onto a digital DVD, 4k MP4 on a USB stick and downloadable 4k MP4. 

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Cine Film to Digital Conversion

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✔3x FREE Snap Repairs & Boost ✔Originals Returned ✔Bulk Discount

Available Options

3" Cine Reel
3" Cine Reel
5" Cine Reel
5" Cine Reel
7" Cine Reel
7" Cine Reel
8"  Cine Reel
8" Cine Reel

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